Organise for customer-centricity

Hardwire your ambitions into your business

True customer focus can take years to develop. But as time passes and people change jobs, your company's original resolve may fade. That's why you must hardwire your customer-centric ambitions into your organisation.

In 2:30 hours of video, Organise for Customer-centricity reviews the most impactful ways to achieve this through:

  • a governance structure, which makes sure that your organisation stays on its customer-centric course;
  • a corporate planning mechanism, which ensures that your customer goals are embedded in your strategic and operational plans;
  • an organisational structure, in which you break with the orthodoxies of production or process organisations and organise your activities around the customer's experience.

By building your customer experience management programme on solid foundations, you'll ensure its resilience in the face of corporate and market change.

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The Author

Alain Thys
Alain Thys

Alain is one of Europe's veterans in customer-centricity.

With his teams, he has influenced the experience of over 500 million customers generated hundreds of millions in value. This journey helped him separate truth from fiction in customer experience.

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