Monetise the customer experience

Demonstrate ROI and turn customer smiles into cash.

Everyone in customer experience works hard to make customers happy. But there are very few companies who systematically turn these customer smiles into cash. Still, to be sustainable, customer experience initiatives need to continuously prove their contributions to the top and bottom line.

Monetise the customer experience allows you to do this for your business.

With almost 50 videos, business case calculators and various templates, it shows you how to

  • build an argumentation that customer experience drives profit
  • create a business case for your customer experience programme and estimate the return on investments
  • identify 20 different ways in which you can practically turn customer smiles into cash.

In short, it will help you demonstrate - in spreadsheets and in cash - that customer experience management is a profit driver not a cost.

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The Author

Alain Thys
Alain Thys

Alain is one of Europe's veterans in customer-centricity.

With his teams, he has influenced the experience of over 500 million customers generated hundreds of millions in value. This journey helped him separate truth from fiction in customer experience.

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To access this programme, login now or get in touch for an account.