Listening to and acting on the customer voice

Streamline your customer feedback management

As a business grows, it gets more difficult to be close to customers. Relationships are replaced by CRM systems, and customer conversations become market research.

A performant voice-of-the-customer (VoC) programme allows you to maintain this connection. To listen to the way they experience your business and act on any feedback they provide.

Listen to and Act on the Customer Voice shows you how to set up, manage and continuously improve a high-quality VoC programme for your business.

In 4 hours of video and using dozens of templates, meeting scripts and how-to guides, you explore:

  • the arguments to convince your colleagues and your C-Suite of the need for a customer voice programme;
  • all aspects of putting together quality surveys, action mechanisms, cross-functional programmes and experience dashboards
  • a step-by-step method to plan your work and engage your colleagues (incl. meeting scripts, PowerPoint slide-decks and useful templates)

By implementing the methods of this sprint pack, you ensure that your business truly listens to its customers and acts on what they have to say.

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The Author

Alain Thys
Alain Thys

Alain is one of Europe's veterans in customer-centricity.

With his teams, he has influenced the experience of over 500 million customers generated hundreds of millions in value. This journey helped him separate truth from fiction in customer experience.

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Available in days
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