How to build a customer-centric workforce

Craft a culture that cares about the customer

Many companies want to create a customer-centric culture. But it's clear this takes more than motivational events or inspirational posters. You need a plan encourages your people and leadership team to prioritise the customer in their actions and behaviours.

In 4 hours of video, How to Build a Customer-Centric Workforce, shows you the best approach.

Using best practices from companies who have successfully transformed their culture, you will learn:

  • how to clearly describe what a customer-centric culture looks like for your business;
  • which competencies your organisation needs to develop in order to think and act in a customer-centric way;
  • how to get the leaders in your organisation to walk the customer talk;
  • the steps to building a grassroots customer movement in which your employees naturally adopt customer-centric behaviours;
  • how to further raise the bar by managing the different employee skill levels, involving your partners and suppliers and developing an employee experience that supports your customer goals.

By building a customer-centric culture, your people will proactively start doing what's right, rather than being pulled in a direction that feels unnatural to them.

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The Author

Alain Thys
Alain Thys

Alain is one of Europe's veterans in customer-centricity.

With his teams, he has influenced the experience of over 500 million customers generated hundreds of millions in value. This journey helped him separate truth from fiction in customer experience.

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