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With 20+ hours of videos, 100+ templates and 1000+ reusable PowerPoint templates, the Customerfit Academy Superpack contains everything you need to overcome your most important CX challenges.

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The Author

Alain Thys
Alain Thys

Alain is one of Europe's veterans in customer-centricity.

With his teams, he has influenced the experience of over 500 million customers generated hundreds of millions in value. This journey helped him separate truth from fiction in customer experience.

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Packs Included with Purchase

Become an 'insights first' business
Discover and profit from customer insights
InSites Consulting
Setting customer experience standards
Consistently satisfy and delight your customers.
Alain Thys
Listening to and acting on the customer voice
Streamline your customer feedback management
Alain Thys
How to build a customer-centric workforce
Craft a culture that cares about the customer
Alain Thys
Customer-centric value proposition design
Create and capture customer value
Alain Thys
Organise for customer-centricity
Hardwire your ambitions into your business
Alain Thys

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